Overlook, Poetry With Benefits Mini Film

Korrine Holt - Attune to Love
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Overlook is simply deep, soothing and infinitely wide in its wisdom and capacity to guide you into the limitless landscape of your being. From dissolving fear, to soaring into the pristine Cosmos of your existence, this one guides you to experience That which is in you and me and every version of we. The simple arrangement of the piano and the reflective mood is the perfect musical partner to this rich and soulful experience.

Our "Poetry With Benefits" are high-vibe mini films ranging from 2 - 6 minutes, combining poetry by Korrine Holt with video clips, art, music, animated text, and voice over by Korrine. In a world saturated with heavy and violent content, we're offering rejuvenating media--works that uplift and smooth away the stress of the day. If "busy brain" gets in the way of your efforts to relax or meditate, our videos are great way to power down and harmonize the body and mind. Wishing you good health, joy and abundance, we hope this contributes to a positive shift of your day!

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Overlook, Poetry With Benefits Mini Film

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